Your gynaecologist in Berlin

The gynaecological surgery is located in the heart of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Danziger Straße / corner Dunckerstraße. The practice rooms are located on the first floor of a spacious stucco-old building. In the waiting room a nice play area for children is available.
Our staff is friendly and well trained.  Their aim always is to give you all required information.

Medical attendance is taken care of by Dr. Anja Fünfstück and Dr. Axel Kramer.

We offer a complete gynecological primary care, cancer screening, cancer after-treatment, medical care in childbearing period, prenatal diagnosis, advice and support in family planning issues and contraception, diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

A special focus lays on the diagnosis of breast cancer. We offer you the possibility of a comprehensive breast examination accomplished by mammography and ultrasonography.


  • Pregnancy care
  • Diagnostics of breast cancer
  • Cancer creening

The district of Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin became the home to many young people and families.

Our activities are focused on family planning. We are extensively prepared for any related topic. With discernment we take care of our pregnant patients.

Our competence goes from pregnancy detection, ultrasonography and fetal heart rate monitoring, to blood tests and advice on all medical issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and childbed.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer with women in Germany. Each eighth on tenth woman is suffering from breast cancer in her lifetime. Through consistent screening of smaller, non-palpable tumors, the survival rate for breast cancer increased significantly. From the age of 30 a steady increase in breast cancer is recorded.
We recommend an annual breast ultrasonography as a screening on request, appointments can be made with our friendly and skilled health personnel.
If there is no family history of breast cancer from the age of 40 years, regular mammograms are recommended. You are welcome to make an appointment at any time with us for this check-up.

From the age of 20 every woman is entitled to have one cancer screening yearly . The aim of this checkup is the early detection of malignant gynecological findings, with emphasis on the diagnostic of cervical cancer.

With the additional examination by ultrasonography, which we only perform at your request, also endometrial and ovarian cancers can be detected at an early stage and be treated.
Women under 25 should take advantage of the annual screening for chlamydia as preventive care. Vaccination against cervical cancer, we offer young girls as a sensible precaution.

Consultation hours

Dear patient,
your medical doctor are available at the following consultation hours:

Mr. Dr. Krämer
Mon 13.00 15.00
Tue 13.00 18.00

Additional appointments for mammograms can be arranged on Monday and Wednesday morning.

Ms. Dr. Fünfstück
Mon 08.00 12.00
Wed 08.00 12.00
Thurs 13.00 18.00
Fri 07.30 13.00



Our merits

Cancer early detection examination
Vaginal ultrasonography
Gravidity and puerperal care
Diagnosis and treatment of complaints as part of Contraceptive counseling
Intubation of contraceptive coils
Advice for family planning
Teens consultation hours
Cancer post-operative treatment and post- rehabilitation support